Can you transfer items and money safely?

Started by hqbreaker, Mar 12, 2011, 11:49 AM

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I got my first character pretty high and I wanna know if I can transfer money (Zeny) and items to that character.


Why not?  same account shares storage, different account you can just deal?

How come ... maybe ... you seems to be mixing up this forum as some server forum ...


If your server has a Banker NPC, you should be able to transfer zeny to another char on the same account. And if you can store your items, all of your characters can access that same storage.

If your characters are on separate accounts, you could just dual-client and have one char intiate a trade with the other, and go from there.

In all seriousness though, you probably should have asked this on your server's forums. Not here. xD



^that rather would be a custom command and his/her server might not have it.
If I offended you, too bad.


Try to DA if you have two computers or if your server allows it. Just trade yourself or drop the items on the floor (don't worry, it's safe, I do it several times a day). I've never mailed something but that could be an option too. Worse comes to worst, make two 1st class chars on separate accounts, use up an emperium to create a guild, guild yourself or have someone do it for you and use your guild storage. As for zenys, set up a shop with an expensive item like apple for 20m on another account and buy the item yourself to transfer the money. There are so many options available really.