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What makes Renewal so bad in the eyes of so many players?

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This comes from a player who has played mostly Pre-Re, and I would like to experience Renewal. New dungeons, 3rd jobs, and new monsters look badass.

I tried playing on the original server iRO but the problem is its VIP service, P2W/gacha mechanics, etc., which is why I wont include it in my analysis.

I tried playing on a private servers but they all have basically the same problems:

- No teamwork. People only do Gramps. Most of the time any random party will work, no need for team composition. This means there is no sense of danger. Plus, no parties to explore new dungeons together, with maybe the exception of Bio5.

- Warper. This also makes people do everything alone. No need to ask for help to reach certain place. No need to explore.

- Stat/skill resetter: the idea of making a character is to make it good on something specific, and not a "I can be whatever you want me to be" character. For example, you either make a FS HP, or a ME HP. But not both. This causes your character not to feel special and rewarding.

- Eden. This place also splits people because it gives you specific tasks to do. This place should be eliminated to encourage teamwork.

- Cash shop. Many servers are P2W. Cash shop should be changed to something else or simply eliminated.

I think 3rd jobs and renewal has a lot of potential, but it is buried under terrible mechanics. What I want is basically Pre-Re but with 3rd jobs, new dungeons, and new items (with the exception of items that may be considered too strong), and no P2W mechanics. And as far as I know, it doesnt exist, which is a shame.

TLDR: Renewal is bad because the implementation is bad, but the content itself is good.

That's what happen when developer didn't do a good job in balancing the game.  It can take the fun out of a lot of element when an mmo can be played as a single player game.  However, the original RO is made based on the old-korean-mmorpg style where you have to mindlessly grind all day and night to level up.  Nowadays people are too busy with too much choice, grinding means quitting for some.  So RO have to go with the flow and follow the quest type mmo (eden / paradise group) to make it more appealing to the new generation of players.  Then all the reward stuff, daily stuff even stat/skill reset these are all common things that weren't in the original RO 20 years ago. 

RO is transforming itself as time goes, it found new players on the way while losing some old players.  Don't forget, RO with all the classes / builds / equips / items -- it can be overwhelming to new players, this is hard to overcome and it will just get more complex with each new patch update. 

Some pre-re server take the renewal stuff adopt it and balancing it to pre-re stuff mostly dungeon and monster but sometimes gears and items to their own calculation and sometimes change their effects. Not sure about the 3rd job stuff. I think that's a nice approach to tease pre-re players to try renewal stuff without full renewal system. 

Renewal is rarely balanced in high rate servers due to ridiculous damage scaling. Not to mention some 3rd job skills are inherently broken. The only thing that is redeemable about renewal are the instances and costume gears. It's a lot of work, but it's more than worth it to import both features to pre-re to break the staleness of pre-re servers.

I'd say renewal had potential at the beginning, but it seems like Gravity quickly threw the towel and went down the easy route of false "casualization", monetization and gratuitous power creep with a heavy dose of dumbing down.

Nowadays it is a fully singleplayer, pseudo-ARPG with next to no depth. The "P2W" aspect mostly revolves around maxiziming numbers for bragging rights since the difficulty of content is close to zero.
The said content is also churned out quickly so its quality, and the creativity involved are very low. It exists to keep players in that ever-spinning, gear-grinding hamsterwheel with no actual purpose as the difficulty never increases to warrant the need of better gear.
The said vertical power curve also obsoletes older content extremely quickly. Needless to mention that anything PvP-related is a massive joke with such power creep involved.

The ship long since sailed so it is very foolish to follow kRO blindly. Pretty much every single update during the past 7 or so years only managed to decrease the overall fun, complexity, difficulty and the need for teamwork while bloating the player's power to levels which would make blush those old high rate servers with level 255 cap and 4 slotted equipment.
The last set of updates quite literally guts most of class mechanics and replaces iconic skills with generic AoE nukes.

What it means to server owners? I'm not sure at this point, trying to make any sense out of it and adjusting things to be reasonable is a big ordeal which I don't see anybody undertaking at this point when the game is at its lowest and there's close to no interest.
I keep doing it because I can and out of habit as I enjoy seeing the few remaining players who still care about the game engage in my creations. Otherwise it is both a thankless and very draining task to try and kick the game back into shape.

As for renewal vs old game mechanics, I'd say that both sides have their pros and cons, although renewal has been steadily devolving over the years as everything became about your raw damage output.
When it comes to content, there's both decent and really awful content, the overall quality has been declining steadily though. What matters is the quality and purpose of content, not the amount.


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