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What keeps RO running after all these years?

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Topic title. RO is running for almost 2 decades now and despite gravity being gravity and stiff competition from other more modern mmos, kRO and iRO are still up and running and we still have a plethora of private servers both old and new, pre-re and renewal.

So what keeps RO alive after all this time? The community? The nostalgic urge? p2w whales in kRO and iRO at least?

I guess you can say the gameplay experience RO brings to new and old players cannot be found on any new MMORPG,
RO has the unique concept and it is so flexible.
If anything a developer plans and think of they can make it happen :D

I always loved RO for the vibe. The grindy playstyle with MVP's present on the open map instead of instanced locations. I also think, that the overall playerbase communication in Ragnarok is quite vibrant... I made many long-term friendships in RO. War of Emperium is also pretty original form of PvP comparing to other mmorpg's.  /no1
After all those years, I still tend to comeback to RO once in a while to feel that nostalgic experience. Time well spent. /lv

You actually nailed it all though..

Nostalgic feels,
Boredom after playing X game,
Uniqueness of the game,
Crybaby dramas on #main chat after WoE,
p2w whales on any game,
Drama on RMS or any social media about being banned, corruption, name it,
and lastly, there is still a small amount of people trying it out for the first time even at this year~

Open world.
Freedom of stats.
Cute sprites.

And honestly the fact that the MMO's they make today simply aren't good enough for my taste. If they want me to commit hours upon hours in a new MMO, it better be damn good and I haven't found it yet.


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