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What keeps RO running after all these years?

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* Nostalgia
* We can't find any better game, or we don't find the new ones interesting
* Our computers are too s*** to run modern games

well renewal is sorta set up like every other game now

Wouldnt wanna be NEW to ragnarok and try getting into it....

Nostalgia as others have said already. Cuteness helps too. RO is playable even if you have only a short time on your hand. No super long loading (depends on your computer I suppose).

That being said, if it came out today I believe it would tank. RO arrived at the right time, it didn't have a ton of other MMOs to complete with it.

Because RO is the BEST mmo out there still to this date.  /lv

it aint nostalgia its because ro is a good game


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