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What keeps RO running after all these years?

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For me it's mainly because RO has features no other MMORPG ever implemented right. Like the completely non-linear progression and the fact that monster have (almost) no local spawns so you actually have to walk around maps and explore to find more.

I'm still waiting for an MMORPG that really gets it right, so far everything that said it's inspired by RO failed completely at it.

Also I think the emulators really help this game because being able to customize your experience is something really valuable. Up to the point where I wonder why no company did just does it themselves yet. I would think that for example if a streamer could have someone set up a customized server for him where all the viewers can join in seems like something that could go viral.

- can't find a SI
- can't find a job
- can't afford next-gen consoles 


Its probably a mix of all the above.

Great game,
Low Hardware requirements,
No worthy successor
And nostalgia


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