it makes me angry

Started by laecertus, Jan 02, 2007, 07:07 AM

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:O GrrRR it s not nice when you play on LR''2x2x3x " and then it closes T_T specialy when u get this kind of char @_@!!

T_T did it happen to you ?


*nods* It happend to me.. I'm a former euphRO player.. I lost a high level sin, mocking muffler, dark blinker, helm of angel, green boots.. and some ofther stuff thats damn hard to get on low rates.. and ofcourse the most awesome guild ever...

Actually hurts alot when a server closes.. especialyl if you've been there for 8-9 months.. and palyed with the same pepole all that time.. =(


i dun mind the ppl but i mind my +7GEARS


Yeah it's always a gamble with private servers!

I lost my 97 high wiz, insta casting, winged + helm geared on a low rate when they decided to open a new server and stop doing maintenance on the old one, to eventually close it altogether.

Feels like you lose months of time, but not much can be done about it, such is the price to pay for playing for free I suppose.
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Yhea true that Pandora.. honestly one of the things I miss the most is the woe's.. not even official woe's are as good as the ones we had.. but as you said thats the price you pay for playing free... but atleast we get a better experience.. much smaller amount of bots (anyone who's been on iRO knows what I mean), usually GM's who actually listen, and we can find a server we like.. so meh all in all I think we're getting the better deal really.. except when servers close =x

and... I want my leet gear back good dammit!!!!!!!!!

ok I'm done now ^^;


lol i had better equip than that on iRO :D

i was stupid enough to give "a friend" my pass and he stole everything.