what is the uber animal build for ragnarok?

Started by redhot8200, Dec 17, 2006, 06:46 AM

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does anyone hir know whats the animal uber build is?it gives u SD with damage 999k if you dont get what Im saying just go hir uber build


Soul Breaker is not able to hit 999k damage.  Hell, the client's max damage displayal is 99k.  However, it is possible for the server to calculate 999,999, it's just not standard on regular RO servers.


there is no perfect build. all have strengths and weaknesses. at least on a balanced server :)


there is a perfect build in private servers with all weapon 4 slots


i never tried these huge base lvl servers, as they always seemed a bit stupid to me. the higher the base lvl the harder it is to keep balanced i think


Quotethe higher the base lvl the harder it is to keep balanced i think

very very true.  Namely a few classes gets unbeatable (pally, sinx, smith, champ -you have to have umber supply of yggseeds and keep on asura 24/7-)

after ppl get max aspd and instant cast, they can spend stat point on w/e they wish.


Yeah... The server that I play on are dominated by sinx's...
Mainly because they're the easiest and strongest class to use.
But I've heard of people utilizing Paladin skills in a way that it's overpowered.
And no, it has nothing to do with martyrs reckoning.
Since nearly everyone on the server has anti-champ equipment
which basically blocks asura strike, mr, final strike, etc.
But it all depends on how good you are at playing the game.
You think that theres a huge class imbalance, but the thing is,
theres a way to get around everything. And it pisses me off
every time I read a topic on the server's forums where some dumbass
asks the gm's if they can remove/limit/retrict the golden theif bug card.


lol gtb, that aint new, especially on high rate where it gets pretty easy to have one.  before i always thought is the way the game is build.  but on a 10k drop rate server, is true that there is hardly any wiz or sage.  Nerfing all of their skill to nothing it is a little bit extreme on high rates, but i do agree it shouldn't be nerfed.

However, is painful to see how some wizzies on high rate struggles to fight gtb.  When i played on a high rate, i have seen a wiz getting to 85% perfect dodge.  He has pawned gtb, but i watched him struggle through months of changing builds, trying equips to achieve this. I felt...gtb, is not worth that much effort, and its existance perhaps really does hurt those who trully have a passion for wiz, on a high rate server.

btw, personally, i don't think sinx is easy to play at all xD, i think priest is easier @__@

as for champ...then can eliminate GR property easy.  And even nerfed asura is deadly.  Strong champs pure asura build can still one hit KO most classes save swordie and maybe thief classes even with deviling and cranial.  What sux about high rate is really the yggseeds, u can asura over and over, not dead in one asura? fine, how about 2? 3? Instead of asura being the the triumph card of champs, it has become a daily skill to be spammed in pvp.