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Started by Nate.River, Feb 01, 2013, 03:41 AM

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  I have a question regarding MVPing protocol, here is the list of what I know in determining that you'll be the MVP:

  1. You dealt the most damage against your competitors and you are on the map when the MVP died.
  2. You don't need to be the last hitter, as long as you dealt the most damage to the MVP, you will be the MVPer (even though you're just tele-ing in the map).
  3. If the MVP died and you're not on the MVP (assuming that you dealt the most damage), you dont get the MVP.
  4. Even if you are competing with a group of people with the same party and you dealt the most damage against every one of them, you still get the MVP.

  Now, for my question, let's say you're the one who dealt the most damage against an MVP compare to other competitors, but in the middle of the fight, the MVP tp'ed and you logged off for a moment (your hitter class/character) to lure the mvp again.  Will your damage count reset to 0?

  Feel free to correct my list of mvping knowledge.  Or you think that I missed some critical information, please comment.



Based on what I know, by default, it works like this:

While the MVP has HP > 0, the player who deals more dmg until the MVP dies, win. You can log off in the middle too but if you do log on, be sure to move in the 5 seconds of grace time before it dies or you will lose the MVP because the server still recognizes you "as off" during that time. You can die, come back, relog, whatever you want but you've to give 50+% of the total dmg done on the mvp and not be on the grace phase to be considered MVP.

Small example:
2 people fighting for an MVP that heals a lot.
MVP has 20kk HP.
With the heals, there is a pool of 30kk HP to fight for during the competition due to constant heal of the MVP.
The winner is the one who gave more then 15kk total dmg.

There are still some weird occasions where some weird stuff happens due how dmg is done and calculated by the server tho:
- Your give dmg, the mvp too. Your comes faster then the one given by mvp but you would die if you had taken and you saw the dmg pop up in game. If you're dealing with @autoloot, drops may appear on the floor but you will be alive because you would be dead if the dmg would hit you.
- You give dmg, you die along with mvp. If what killed you was reflect dmg and the mvp didn't give any dmg back during that time frame, you will get mvp and the drops if dealing with @autoloot. Nothing will be dropped on the floor.


On official servers it also counts the damage tanked by the way. I guess they still didn't implement it properly. ^^;


Quote from: Playtester on Feb 01, 2013, 06:43 AM
On official servers it also counts the damage tanked by the way. I guess they still didn't implement it properly. ^^;
Ah! You are a genius. I thought I remembered there being more to it than damage given, but I never knew what exactly.
I simply remember countless times when someone should have been the MVP, according to my calculations, but they were not in the end, and it baffled me.
Thank you.

Also doesn't the person who first hit the MVP get double the damage points allocated to them as far as being the MVP is concerned? Or something like that?