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What is the demographic age of people playing RO?

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Yeaaah I am certain the playerbase exists out of the nostalgic folks that played RO in it's prime years. Our gaming community has over 35 folks, and from the 7 folks we have playing RO atm only one guy in his early twenties didn't play the game before. The rest of our younger members were like "Wtf is this sprite 20 year old s*** no thx" x')

The rest of us are between 29-35 years old at this point. (Any younger folks that picked up RO recently and are reading this, Thanks for giving this game a chance :D)!

On our current server, I think the average age is 25. Even if this is an old game, I think that there are still a lot of new players coming by because of the introduction of old players. Also, famous streamers get a lot of new players to play Ragnarok.


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