What is the demographic age of people playing RO?

Started by Flex, Dec 12, 2020, 04:49 AM

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Just wanted to find the the current number playerbase of the game (Official and Private). How old are they?
I believe the number of players are on a steady decline day by day. And no signs of increase due to ;

1. Old 2d MMORPG Game
2. Youths age 12 and above are more into high-end graphics
3. Other external factors that are beyond my knowledge.

This game may be old but I have played many MMORPG with high-end graphics, I usually end up coming back to this game, usually its about nostalgia, the WOE, the community.

Maybe the community can do some sort of campaign to increase awareness so that more people acknowledge the existence of this game. Whether it benefits private server or official more, it does not matter. What matter is this game is a legacy that I will pass down to my kids one day. :D


Players total if you add all official and private servers should be around 100000.

Age averages probably at around 30.

These days making something popular mostly goes via social media. If a popular streamer would decide to play RO for example that could strongly push the player base up.


When Ragnarok Online was a new game, and in the peak of its attractiveness, the years were around 2003-2006 (14-17 years ago).
Most people only play older, outdated games for the sake of their nostalgia, and nostalgia mostly comes from remembering experiences from your childhood or teenage years.
Children and teens who are the right age demographic for a MMORPG are around 9-19 years old.
Ages 9-19 added to 14-17 years of time equals the current age of people still interested in playing RO to be 23-36 years old.
People in their 20s typically still play video games a lot, but people over 30 typically begin either losing interest or realizing that they need to use their time more wisely, raising a family, or working a job, and don't play as often or at all.
So the way I see it is the average RO playerbase is around ages 23-30.


My current guilds have the common ages are at 20-35 years old. And my friends that I have been playing since a decade ago, we're all in our mid and late 20s.

Many people will always follow the trend for playing games, like what Playtester mentioned above or when a server pays high for advertisements as well, that will increase the factor of getting new and old people playing the game.


I too am in the same boat with my old guildies/friends over the years. we're around the 20-35 age range


Yeaaah I am certain the playerbase exists out of the nostalgic folks that played RO in it's prime years. Our gaming community has over 35 folks, and from the 7 folks we have playing RO atm only one guy in his early twenties didn't play the game before. The rest of our younger members were like "Wtf is this sprite 20 year old s*** no thx" x')

The rest of us are between 29-35 years old at this point. (Any younger folks that picked up RO recently and are reading this, Thanks for giving this game a chance :D)!
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On our current server, I think the average age is 25. Even if this is an old game, I think that there are still a lot of new players coming by because of the introduction of old players. Also, famous streamers get a lot of new players to play Ragnarok.