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Started by Baldy, Oct 31, 2017, 03:59 AM

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Quote from: XicoR4 on Nov 06, 2017, 06:57 PM
Sigh, I compared it to starcraft because both it and ragnarok are similar. You use one hand on the mouse and one on the keyboard (and it has similar key presses, for most people). Should have mentioned it, my bad, sorry.
But sure, if you place both hands on the keyboard and just click-spam with any amount of dexterity you'll reach much higher APM. It also depends what the game counts as an "action" (in starcraft setting camera hotkeys doesn't count for instance, there's also a mismatch between game and real speed and there's latency).
I also never said it was impossible to be faster, hence the arguably. There's also hardly any games that track APM and display it so you can know.
Point is APM doesn't even matter that much, it's more about accuracy and being able to maintain that speed. Btw, we have seen starcraft pros hit the 4 digit APM mark several times.

Because you mention ffr (I'm assuming finger finger or flash flash revolution or whatever it was called?), most songs in the hardest difficulty have between 10~16 notes per second (or used to). Easily achievable with 8 fingers on a keyboard.
Related: If my memory serves me right, during AGDQ 2016, Staiain in Step Mania just hovered around around 14~20 notes per second, peaking at 27ish. (skimmed the video) He's among the fastest. He had to take breaks between (under 3 minutes) songs. It's all muscle memory (he doesn't have to adapt). Not to mention the switches on his keyboard respond to the lightest tap. Also, no latency.

I also assumed Baldy was right in counting the backslide timings, I just watched the video once. It seemed suspicious, but it's by all means possible.

the video is for sure someone who is not playing legit, there never was a dispute there

anyways, that is correct. there's different ways to measure apm: controller, controller but thumbs only, keyboard, mouse, each have their own definitions of what's fast and what isn't. sometimes brute apm doesn't mean much either, since a lot of the times it's not just about the button presses but also timing or precision of where you press the inputs, so ye. also, since we're on the topic... i don't mean to brag, but i am the standard of excellence when it comes to thumbs only apm


my peak is around 14 to 15 inputs a second per thumb, though it's not really sustainable for long periods of time. it usually occurs in bursts(as per required by the game). so we're talking 600-900 apm per hand, or 1200-1800 apm. obviously i can't compete with multiple fingers, but i've been stuck at this threshold for a long time because controllers have physical limits that don't let you accurately go beyond that. some wonky stuff starts to happen inside controllers and the design flaws really start to come out when you start pushing the 12+ mark