[Non-Renewal] what to slot in..

Started by stephencurry30, Jan 27, 2014, 02:28 PM

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a +9 Valk Shield? I don't really want to sell it. How should I make use of it? I already have cards like Thara, Alice, and Seeker Card in Valk Shield. I also have Hodremlin Card in Stone Buckler. Any other recommendations?


Despero of Thanatos Card (int -6, int+upgradelevel)

Gives you a +3 int shield which 1 int more than the Magic Bible, can't think of anything else (except wait for MvP card but..you know..)


Even shield MVP cards are better at different shields in most of the situations.

Imo, just try to trade it for something really good [instead of aiming for a sell] or use it with a Despero like Essenz said. Def is not really that important in most of the cases and it can give you a really good item for some people that really thinks that def is a must.


I would put a bigfoot in for lvling in scarab hole