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Started by xconwing, Nov 25, 2013, 04:47 PM

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hi all,

i recently got my homun (filir), the instance i summon it the game crash (AI.lua error) which i search around and find out that using AzzyAI would solve this.  so i setup the folder and such.  however, my homun doesn't atk nothing but Familiar and Ant Egg (trained in Ant Hell 1).  can someone show me the most basic setup to AzzyAI cuz i'm current extremely noob in this regard.

i played on iRO, Chaos

much appreciated


AFAIK, AzzyAI is made to afk farm. It should come with an exe where you can customize everything you want as mobs, paterns and everything else you need if it's still the same I tested years ago.
I think Azzy is still active at the irowiki and wp forums so you can always pm or ask him at the topic related to his AI.


Of course Azzy is not made to AFK farm, autoloot doesn't even excist on officials. AFK lvling is possible with it though.
The current version is quite different in but it won't work on Rathena emulation and Azzy doesn't develop for Pservers and he wil not respond on questions regarding it.