Rachel changes?

Started by vittordevitto, Aug 31, 2007, 01:26 PM

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errr... on rate mys erver, says taht every monster on the ice dungeon has less than 25 of mdef... so... it isn't hight... O.o...

well if the ninja would be awesome there... do u remember the best place for a ninja lv 70 + get lv? (the magic one)


Maybe its the high hp then. I played on some populated servers and never saw a ninja going there to lvl. Then again i never saw any ninja lvling at all with kamaitachi(wind aoe)... most use fire dragon because its stronger and has a trick to make it do double damage.

Ninjas normally do guild dungeons.. stings should be ok too i guess. Depends on the rates.


errr can u teach me the trick? i am planing to do a ninja soon...

so teh wind spells are really lame? people already told me that, but as u can see, i am sturdborn....


Wind Kamaitachi is good in big woes.. you lay alot of them down fast over your teammate storm gust.. it will break the ice and do good damage on it and it spams fast. If you have magical strings though(bard song), fire dragon is still better for precast.  Lvling wise kamaitachi isnt that good at all... the other wind skills are even worse.

The trick for getting double damage on fire dragon has something to do with which way the monster/player is walking when you hit them with it. You have to time it well.. i think you have to hit them when they are between 2 tiles to make it hit 2x. I dont know for sure cus i havent done magic ninjas myself. Ive read about the trick and seen a few ppl do it though. Just practice and youll figure it out.. or do a search.

Even if you dont hit for 2x damage its still really powerfull anyway.


i see.... >< well... thx for the tips!