What's up with Bongun?

Started by nigaichi, May 10, 2007, 11:05 PM

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Well, all Korean MMORPGs are like that. They don't need any story cause noone pays attention to it. It's just a grindfest.


Kinda sad that that's the case. All games should have a plot... Personally just killing is not enough. I need substance. That's my 2 cents at least.


I kill. The end. I don't read what npcs say, they're useless! Haha.
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well i also never read what the NPC says.
but if i wanted to knoe bout the story i open wiki or watch the mov



Nope. It's just Dais using really poor grammar, especially the choice of vocabulary. There is only the serie which totally sucked.


Well, i thought bongun has a crush on munak. ;D.see his cards and taming items.. :P
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Gravity never made a story that makes sense.  They only threw a plot together to relate to each of their new updates.  The whole Ragnarok Online Anime goes off in its own direction as a whole.  It's like piecing together pieces of wrong puzzles.


Quote from: MarluxiaXI on Aug 31, 2007, 04:02 AM
Well, i thought bongun has a crush on munak. ;D.see his cards and taming items.. :P

I assumed the same.  I thought Bongun and Munak and Hyegun were in a love triangle.  Never knew Sohee had anything to do with it, I guess I just ignored the dialog in Ragnarok: The Animation or skipped over it when it dragged out.  Sohee is one of my favorite pets in the official game, but I have to say that none of it really made any sense.  Somewhere a cloning machine must have been involved though.


Dose Moonlight Flower have anything to do with the Anime?
or dose she just wonder around payon cave floor 5 :P