Started by KattyStephany, Dec 10, 2006, 05:27 AM

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^^ hi
because i dont know where to post this xD i try here

someboy knows the name of this hat? id? etc


i think this isn't official, it's a replacement sprite of the santa hat made by ... could it be usako? hmm i can't get to her site where she has all her sprites so i am not sure..


ya is usako its a santa cap you can get it from like most sprite sites


thnx a lot ^^ i will check
u know if the sprite is available for boys? or only girls?


That's a npc (id 714).

Usako made the headgear from npc and as far as I know it's released (aka you can use it).

As for female/male you decide that yourself when you add the item in your db.
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ya for a sprite page check shadow.net if forget it but you can check freya to find the link cas i do know its there


usakos customs are only available on http://ro-enhance.net/ now.