[Renewal] Which classes are best overall for solo MVP of all 4th classes? PC

Started by lvdjj, Mar 21, 2022, 03:23 PM

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Used to play a lot around the time of 2nd classes, and honestly no classes beat Creator's Acid Demonstration in most MVP fight.
LK, Sniper, Champion are good too but not close to Creator's AD, and as long as you have better gear and experience than others Creator player, you get MVP most of the time.

I tried 3rd classes server before, Genetic's Cart Cannon are as good as AD, personally I still prefer AD style as it was range, much safer.
Mainly because Creator/Genetic has high HP high mobility and either AD or CC are just 1click unlike asura for example, other class are either too slow too soft or too busy finger.

I don't know much about other classes so please forgive me as I respected and mean no offense to others classes lover.
Recently I'm looking for a 4th classes server for nostalgia, so I was wondering how's the MVP hunting meta now?
Does anyone have experience with the 4th classes, mind sharing opinions?


Mvp hunting in renewal is pretty much isnt a thing anymore. MVPs just drop dead as soon as u found one. And renewal gameplay is revolved around doing instance / daily quests. On top of that, there is instance that let u fight MVPs daily and Bloody Branch is more accessible than pre-renewal era.


Aren't all classes able to NUKE the entire screen with ridiculously big and fast as lighting numbers on that s*** show called renewal?