Biggest problems of Ragnarok online?

Started by Kyo-Kusanagi-aka-GuessWho, Apr 25, 2016, 12:08 AM

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Quote from: Kyo-Kusanagi-aka-GuessWho on Apr 27, 2016, 01:29 PM
Im assuming that you are talking to me, I never said, that its only about grinding but most private servers and especially Highrates and superrates dont have anything to do with RO anymore.
Midrates and lowrates are acceptable. However, you think servers with Equip with 500+ Str are another side of RO?
Yes you are actually narrow minded, grinding on low rate is stupid .
Allow me, to teach you how wrong you are ...

You see, Gravity created the game for 0 to lvl 10 players. So most of game content was easily provided to all... 100% of economy
Then added new classed and new reachable skill level 50. Again as new players arrived and game content grow, all game content was extracted and again 100% of economy was acheived.
And so on ...
On each step and because it was a step, players could achieve game content extraction and make the economy running correctly. So buy/selling was actually a correct way to gear up and setting up.

On a stupid low server, with crap low population , game content is never extracted, so every new players joining has to waste a huge amount of time to actually gear up. But as others keep gearing up or setting up, it a never ending effort that will never be reward enough.

The problem of low server is drop rate isn't dynamic based on fun , but a blocking issue, you don't grind=you don't have.

Granted admin of private server are kids with low grade in academic and aren't supposed to be hard thinking, but don't judge other if you have no proper argue to present.


I usually dont argue with people who need to insult other people to get some attention.
But you are a special kind.

I said lowrates AND midrate. Despite me playing for more than 10+ years, I almost never went to lowrates. I also dont like much grinding but I also dont have a problem with people who like to grind in order to get some gear. I mostly joined midrates, so stop being an idiot and look what people write first and then write back. Because I didint even mention grinding. And also try to respect people who have a different mindset. Will you?
Ragnarok Online Player since the very Beta. I'm still in love with the game.