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Author Topic: [Renewal] is Tiger Cannon formula from current emulators like rAthena even close to iRO?  (Read 3035 times)

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Offline Zirius

is Tiger Cannon formula from current emulators like rAthena even close to iRO formula?
iRO Wiki says, "Only a portion of the damage is affected by the weapon property. "

I am playing on a private server and Sura's TC are very strong if they have elemental converters.
even with cranial+poo poo hat, they can push up to 120k+ damage, since you cannot really mitigate the element they are using, unless you try to guess. In short, they are 1-shotting everyone, and moreover its AoE, Cursed Circle plus this combo can clear up a group of guildsman or a PVP party.

I think the only way for it to be balance, in my opinion, is if that "portion that is affected by the weapon property" is just at least 20~30% of the final damage, the remaining 70~80% stays Neutral or something like that.

Do you guys think emulators emulate official Tiger Cannon as close as possible? Or you guys think these emulators are currently releasing a broken formula?

Thanks!  /heh


Offline Raikon

Well the thing is, before you can even consider that, you should ponder if your server is or isn't using the same formula as rAthena or Hercules.

Info may be inaccurate, if you believe it is and have the means to test in kRO, I'm sure they'd appreciate it.

Also iROWiki's not very.. reliable a source. Though yeah a part of it is elemental.