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Started by kurimet, Dec 25, 2012, 12:05 PM

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Some time ago I searched for RO character combat simulators with pre-renewal (classic) mechanics, but I couldn't find some items in any of them.
That's why I decided to create my own RO character combat simulator, with added features and items:


• Added PvP: select enemy "[Custom Player]" and modify it's stats using "Manual Edits on Enemy" field.
• Added ''Enemy Attack Skills'' to all monsters in ''Monster Combat Simulator''.
• Added color themes.
• "Full Save" now saves everything in the calc.
• "Save as URL" now saves almost everything in the calc.
• Use the "Load URL from another calc" button to load your characters from other calcs.
• Added "Additional Enchants & Manual Edits on Player" under "Item Data" in "CHARACTER SIMULATOR" (enables Mora, Feral, and other enchants).
• Added "Headgear Hidden Slot Enchant" in "Equipment & Cards".
• Added "+% MATK based Damage Modifiers" in "Other Info".
• Added ''Capture Pet Success Rate'' in ''Other Info''.
• Added ''NPC Refinement Cost & Success Rate'' in ''Other Info''.
• Added ''NPC Socket Enchant Cost & Success Rate'' in ''Other Info''.
• Added "Long-range" and "Critical damage" in "+% ATK based Damage Modifiers" in "Extended Info".
• Fixed elemental bows: when equipping Neutral element arrows and an elemental bow, damage will have bow's element instead of Neutral.
• Visual improvements and fixes
• Rearranged buffs/items/effects
• Added buffs/items/effects/pets
• Added a huge amount of equipments and cards.
• Fixed lots of equipment and cards.
• Added custom versions of Renewal mob.


• When reloading the web (F5) some times the "Add Spell-scrolls and Yggdrasil Leaf to Skill List" checkbox appears checked (not a real problem).
• Some player skills damage differ slightly from ingame damage.
• Some enemy damage skills are not properly implemented (Grand Cross, Grand Cross of Darkness, Soul Breaker, Evil Land)
• There is about 0.2 ASPD difference on some jobs.


• Add "Character movement speed" in "Extended info".
• Add chance to cause status effects on enemies in "Extended Info".
• Some more minor adds and fixes.

Please let me know what do you think, improvements, etc


- bug finally resolved -


I've made a small update to my calc.

· More CSS and HTML cleanup and fixes.
· "Remaining status points" is now inside "Stats" title.
· Added headgears: Pirate Dagger J
· Fixed headgears: Odin Mask, Pirate Dagger, Ramen Hat


New update to my calc!


· Implemented ALL Triper updates to my calc, except:
-- Poem of Bragi (Triper's version had some issues, but I managed to fix them)
-- Walking Speed calc
-- fixed increase agi up of monsters
-- Changed Agility UP to lv 5 as max
-- killed Flee UP

· Fixed some visual bugs on Chrome

· Fixed headgear: Blue Night Cap


- New URL: http://usuarios.arsystel.com/nai_grossich/rocc/rocc.htm
- Fixed and redesigned "Strip chance" in "Extended Info".
-- Now shows all strip chances and duration from cards.
-- Fixed Full Strip duration.
-- Now all the information is shown in a more organized way.
- Added useful links for Ragnarök Online players (skill tree simulator, ratemyserver character simulator, etc).


Merry Christmas!

Exactly a year ago I announced the first big update to my calc.
Now I announce the second big update! Most of the minor changes have been implemented during this year (although I didn't announce those :P) while the other changes had to come altogether.
Here comes the (almost) full change log.

CHANGE LOG (2013-12-24)

· Saving systems:
   · Deleted "Old Save" button (it's still possible to Load). Use "New Save" instead.
   · Added "New Save" & "New Load": It can save all data in the calc.
   · Updated URL saving system: Now it can save all data in the calc, while also able to load old URLs.

· Rearranged buffs/items/effects:
   · Moved tons of items from "Additional Effects" to "Food / Speed Potions / other Items"
   · Moved many effects from "Additional Effects" to "Miscellaneous Effects on Player": Quagmire, AGI down, Cursed, All Stats +1 [SN Marriage Bonus], Poisoned, Set CRIT to 0%.
   · Moved skills from "Passive / Duration Skills" to "Supportive / Party Skills": Auto-Guard, Shield Reflect, Defender, Spirit Spheres, Weapon Perfection.
   · Moved "Speed Potions" to "Food / Speed Potions / other Items"
   · Moved "Aloevera" from "Supportive / Party Skills" to "Food / Speed Potions / other Items"
   · Moved "Magnum Break Bonus" from "Supportive / Party Skills" to "Miscellaneous Effects on Player"
   · Moved "Minimum Delay Between Active Skills" from "Additional Effects" to "MONSTER COMBAT SIMULATOR"
   · Moved "Number of Enemies attacking you" from "Additional Effects" to "MONSTER COMBAT SIMULATOR"
   · Moved "Special Environment" from "Additional Effects" to "MONSTER COMBAT SIMULATOR"
   · Moved "Defense Investment (custom?)" from "Additional Effects" to "MONSTER COMBAT SIMULATOR"
   · Moved "Add Spell-scrolls and Yggdrasil Leaf to Skill List" from "Food / Speed Potions / other Items" to "MONSTER COMBAT SIMULATOR"
   · Moved "Anolian Card/Box of Gloom[AC Lvl 1]" from "Miscellaneous Effects on Player" to "Food / Speed Potions / other Items".

· Added buffs/items/effects:
   · In "Food / Speed Potions / other Items": Halo Halo, Small/Big Defense Potion, Small/Big Magic Defense Potion, HP Increase Potion, SP Increase Potion, Distilled Fighting Spirit, Lucky Rice Cake, Savage BBQ, Regeneration Potion, Mega Resist Potion, Ginger Bread, Luxurious Western Food.
   · In "Miscellaneous Effects on Player": Wall of Fog, Blind, Stun, Stone, Sleep, Frozen, Lex Aeterna, Bleeding, Critical Wounds, and Undead Attribute Change.

· Special effects in "Temporary Card/Item active Effects"
   · Fixed "NPC_ STONESKIN" and "NPC_ANTIMAGIC" effects from "Mithril Magic Manteau", "Ulfhedinn" and "Twin Ribbons" items (they change DEF and MDEF now).
   · Added "Shield of Naga" effect in "Additional Effects".
   · Added "Ice Titan card" effect in "Additional effects".

· Added equipment: Flying Angeling, Poring Cake Hat, 3D Glasses, 3D Glasses (aRO).

· Added cards: Alnoldi, Draco (iRO), Tatacho (iRO), STR+6 (enchant), AGI+6 (enchant), VIT+6 (enchant), INT+6 (enchant), DEX+6 (enchant), LUK+6 (enchant).

· Fixed equipment:
   · Odin Mask (now gives HIT -10, instead of HIT +10)
   · "Spectral spear"+"Red silk seal" set now increases "Chaos" status effect resist by 95%
   · "Sprint mail", "Glorious Suit set", "Glorious Ring", "Elite Engineer Set".

· Fixed cards:
   · Flat +MATK increasing cards (Entweihen Crothen, Centipede Larva, Banshee Master, Rata) now function properly.
   · "Earth Deleter card" now reduces SP recovery to 0 properly.
   · "Sky Deleter card" now reduces HP recovery to 0 properly.
   · Added "Skel. Prisoner card"+"Skeleton card", "Bigfoot Card"+"Grizzly Card" and "Nightmare Card"+"Nightmare Terror Card" card set descriptions.
   · Fixed "Byorgue Card", now gives "ATK based damage +10%" instead of "ATK based damage +3%".

· Renamed equipment:
   · Ashura --> Asura
   · Ashura R --> Ashura
   · Atroce's Blade --> Atlas Weapon
   · Baby Angel --> Statue of Baby Angel
   · Bardiche --> Berdysz
   · Barrage Fist --> Combo Battle Glove
   · Bird's Nest Hat --> Bird Nest Hat
   · Bloody Blades --> Blood Tears
   · Bloody Shackle Ball --> Bloodied Shackle Ball
   · Book of Charms Vol.1 --> Magic Bible Vol.1
   · Book of the Dead --> Ledger of Death
   · Canada Dry Sakura Mist Cap --> Sakura Mist Cap
   · Cruiser Cap --> Soldier Hat
   · Dead Tree Staff --> Dead Tree Cane Staff
   · Drooping Bunny --> Evolved Drooping Bunny
   · Earthen Bow --> Earth Bow
   · Foot of the Sea Witch --> Sea Witch's Foot
   · Freezing Bow --> Frozen Bow
   · Gale Bow --> Gust Bow
   · Gokurin --> Khukri
   · Heavenly Maiden's Robe --> Heavenly Maiden Robe
   · Hermode's cap --> Hermode Cap
   · Holgren's Refining Hammer --> Hollgrehenn's Hammer
   · Holy Marcher Hat --> Parade Hat
   · Horn of Buffalo --> Bison Horn
   · Huuma Morning Star Shuriken --> Huuma Calm Mind
   · Inverse Scare --> Inverse Scale
   · Kaizer Knuckle --> Kaiser Knuckle
   · Lily Crown --> Water Lily Crown
   · Luna Kaleet --> Lunakaligo
   · Maiden's Twin Ribbon --> Twin Ribbon
   · Mes --> Scalpel
   · Mithril Magic Manteau --> Mithril Magic Cape
   · Noble Hat --> Musketeer Hat
   · Ogre's Toenail --> Wild Beast Claw
   · Orc Archer's Bow --> Orc Archer Bow
   · Parade Hat --> Parade Cap
   · Peco Peco Hairband --> Pecopeco Hairband
   · Phantom Spear --> Spectral Spear
   · Proxy Skin Manteau --> Nydhorgg's Shadow Garb
   · Puppy Hairband --> Puppy Headband
   · Silver Shotel --> Platinum Shotel
   · Rabbit Doll --> Drooping Bunny
   · Red Broad Mace --> Red Square Bag
   · Red Comb --> Hair Brush
   · Renown Detective Cap --> Renown Detective's Cap
   · Rose of Crimson --> Scarlet Rose
   · Seal of Red Silk --> Red Silk Seal
   · Sky Hat --> Hat Of Fortune
   · Staff of Piercing --> Piercing Staff
   · Staff of Recovery --> Healing Staff
   · Tea and Cherrymilk Hat --> Sakura Milk Tea Hat
   · Thief's Ring --> Rogue's Treasure
   · Thin Blade --> Curved Sword
   · Thorn Shield --> Thorny Buckler
   · Western Outlaw --> Wasteland's Outlaw
   · Windmill Hairpin --> Vane Hairpin
   · Wing of Eagle --> Eagle Wing
   · Wolfheiden --> Ulfhedinn
   · Whitesmith card --> MasterSmith card
· Appearance
   · "MONSTER COMBAT SIMULATION" is now at the bottom of the calc.
   · "Passive / Duration Skills" moved from "CHARACTER SIMULATOR" to "BUFFS, ITEMS, AND OTHER STUFF"
   · "Supportive / Party Skills" moved from "CHARACTER SIMULATOR" to "BUFFS, ITEMS, AND OTHER STUFF"
   · Tables/windows titles now have bold text format.
   · Fixed a graphic error in "MONSTER COMBAT SIMULATOR" when viewing the calc with reduced zoom in Opera and/or Chrome.

· Other changes:
   · "Power-Thrust" in "Supportive / Party Skills" now is a check-box.
   · "Adrenaline rush" in "Passive / Duration Skills" now has "On / Off" options.
   · All "1st rebirth job" Soul Link buff versions are now unified in 1 select list in "Duration/Passive skills".
   · Changed "Minimum Delay between active skills" default value from "0.33" to "0.1 (eAthena default)"
   · Added card sets: Bard/Dancer set, Sage set, and Alchemist set.
   · Added "Brasilis" and "Brasilis Dungeon" places and their mobs.
   · Added pets: "Wanderer", "Christmas Goblin [MaxHP +30, Water element resistance +1%]", "Christmas Goblin [MaxHP +30, Water element resistance +5%]", "Christmas Goblin [MaxHP +30, Frozen status resistance +5%]", "Dullahan (iRO)", "Nightmare Terror (iRO)", "Goblin Leader (iRO)", "Golem (iRO)", "Incubus (iRO)", "Succubus (iRO)", "Marionette (iRO)", "Fire Imp (iRO)
   · Sorted Pet list.
   · Improved a huge amount of equipment and cards descriptions.

· Other fixes:
   · Fixed a bug that occurred when selecting a card set in "Cards shortcuts".
   · Fixed a bug that occurred when using "The Ring of Nibelungen" in "Music and Dance Skills".
   · Deleted option "Number of enemies attacking you: 0".
   · Added option "Partymember Count: 1".
   · "Mind Breaker" in "Miscellaneous Effects on Player" now reduces softMDEF.
   · "Berserk/Frenzy" now reduces HardMDEF and softMDEF to 0 (zero).
   · "Berserk/Frenzy" now reduces FLEE rounded up.
   · FLEE given by zodiac sign hats now is reduced by "Berserk/Frenzy".
   · "Frozen" and "Stone" status effects now won't accumulate their effects.
   · When a Super Novice has it's Link activated, now won't appear 2 "Axe" and 2 "Orcish Axe" in the weapon selection list.
   · The item/buff "Buche de Noel" now increases recovered HP when healed with Heal skill.
   · Fixed "Red Ferus Card", now gives bonus damage when using "Fire Pillar".

   · When loading from "New Load", sometimes it won't set as "[Active]" tables/windows with used buffs (but works fine).
   · When reloading the calc (F5) sometimes some tables/windows appear with the "Show" check-box activated (but works fine).
   · When reloading the calc (F5) sometimes "Add Spell-scrolls and Yggdrasil Leaf to Skill List" appears with it's check-box activated (but works fine).
   · There might be equipment that can be equipped by the wrong jobs.



- bug finally resolved -


- bug finally resolved -


Very nice, thank you for sharing.

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- bug finally resolved -


Thanks for you reports!

Quote from: PcNy on Dec 17, 2014, 03:11 AM
- "Witch's Pumpkin Hat (iRO)" gives STR2 and INT2. But in iRO Classic as I tested, it gives STR1 and INT1.
That would mean irowiki is wrong on that: http://db.irowiki.org/db/item-info/18656/
Do you know if it gives STR+1 and INT+1 on iRO renewal too? (unfortunatelly I can't test it myself).
I'm asking because I'd like to avoid adding another version of that hat.

Quote from: PcNy on Dec 17, 2014, 03:11 AM
- "Deviling Card" does not increase damage of elemental attacks from monster. (in Enemy Attack Skills section, or this section is incomplete?)
- "Asprika" also reduces ranged physical damage instead of melee only. (in Enemy Attack Skills section, or this section is incomplete?)
Deviling Card (and all elemental reductions) were fixed several weeks ago.
Asprika... it looks pretty hard to fix. EDIT: Fixed

Quote from: PcNy on Jan 18, 2015, 01:53 PM
- "Brynhild" does not "Increases physical damage by 10%" as stated in item description.
True for Guardian type of enemies (I will fix it right away).
Isn't it working against the remaining types of enemies?

PS: I've been updating my calc non-stop, but I don't like posting so much in this forum  /wah


- bug finally resolved -


Added as "Witch's Pumpkin Hat (iROc)"  /no1
How much DEF does it give in classic server?


- bug finally resolved -