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Started by kurimet, Dec 25, 2012, 12:05 PM

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- bug finally resolved -


Quote from: PcNy on Jul 31, 2015, 02:58 AM
Is it possible to calculate reflect damage (Reflect Shield, Counter Instinct, High Orc Card, etc)?
Yes, it is possible. Is it not working?


Changelog 2015-08-26:
• "Save as URL" button now saves data from "Additional Enchants & Manual Edits on Player" and "Manual Edits on Enemy".
• "Full Save" and "Save as URL" now save: Enemy Attack Range, Enemy Attack Element, Calc's theme, RO server, All Damage Skills, Equip Job Restrictions, Equip Level Restrictions, Equip Slot Restrictions, and Equip Card Slot Restrictions
• "Full Save" and "Save as URL" now save the number of meteors from "Meteor Storm" that hit the player.
• Added "Enemy Attack Element" in "Monster Combat Simulator", allowing to change attack element regardless of anything else.
• Fixed some items from "Food / Speed Potions / other Items" field which were not showing "Active" when loading an URL.
• Fixed "Full Load", now resets values before loading data from an empty Full Save slot.
• Fixed "Full Load" when an empty slot is selected.
• Fixed "Item Data" field when loading an URL, it will show the correct equipped weapon info.
• Fixed "Random Attack".


Changelog 2015-08-28
• Added items: Bradium Ring (iRO), Bradium Earring (iRO), Bradium Earring (old), Bradium Brooch (iRO), Bradium Brooch (old).

Changelog 2015-09-13
• Fixed Guarana Candy buff: now gives ASPD+10% and AGI Lv 5.
• Added items: Bubble Gum In Mouth (aRO), 4 Leaf Clover In Mouth (aRO), 4 Leaf Clover In Mouth (old).

Changelog 2015-10-08
• Fixed ''EDP creation'' formula in ''Other Info''.
• Fixed ''Potion creation'' formula in ''Other Info''.

Please, let me know if the new formula is inacurate.


CHANGES 2015-11-18:
• Fixed items: Afro wig, Chinese Crown, Wandering Wolf Hat, Tiger Arhat Mask, Telekinetic Orb.
• Renamed items:

Tiara Samambaia --> Samambaia
Earpad Hat --> Chullos / Shafka
RO 5th Wedding Anniversary --> Chinese Wedding Veil
Fox Mask --> Kitsune Mask
White Fox Mask --> Fox Hat J
Pumpkin Hat --> Pumpkin-Head
Pumpkin Hat 2007 --> Fantastic Pumpkin-Head
Pumpkin Hat 2008 --> Festival Pumpkin Hat
Reindeer Nose --> Rudolph's Nose
• Added items: Orc Hero Helm [1], Luxurious Wedding Veil [1], Refined Helmet of Orc Hero, Skull Hood, Fox Hat, Odin Mask_.
• Deleted some repeated headgears.
• Added ocuped slots to a lot of headgears (you may activate it using "Equip Slot Restrictions" checkbox).


- bug finally resolved -


Thanks! Headgear added  /no1

Changelog 2015-11-29
• "Provoke", "Frozen", and "Stone" from "Debuffs on Enemy" will be disabled when a Boss type or Undead element enemy is selected.
• "Blessing" and "Signum Crucis" from "Debuffs on Enemy" will only be enabled when a Undead element or Demon race enemy is selected.
• Added input to enter custom weapon/shield weight when selecting the following player attack skills: Shield Boomerang, Shield Boomerang (soul linked), Spiral Pierce.
• Added headgear: Benevolent Guardian.
• Fixed equipment that increased healing skills effectiveness.


Changelog 2015-12-30
• Fixed monster's [Spiral Pierce] skill damage.
• Added new paramethers in Additional Enchants & Manual Edits on Player :
--> +% race/element/size resistances
--> +% Long-range ATK and MATK based damage resistance
--> +% DEF ignoring on any target
--> +% MDEF ignoring on any target
--> +% Long range damage on any target
--> +% Critical damage on any target
• Fixed items: Red Pirate Bandana, Glorious Destruction Staff, Glorious Arc Wand, Glorious Cure Wand, Witch Pumpkin Hat (all versions).
• Added items: Donut In Mouth, Black Tail Ribbon, TM, Refresh Shoes, Valley Shoes, Spiritual Tunic, Drooping Morroc Minion, Drooping Morroc Minion (old), Glorious Destruction Staff (old), Glorious Arc Wand (old), Glorious Cure Wand (old), Staff Of Light.


Changelog 2016-01-10
• Major performance improvement (-55% required time to calculate in most cases).
• Fused "Weapon Type:" and "Weapon:" into a sole droplist including all equipable weapons in Equipment & Cards.
• Fixed "Monster Exclusive Debuffs" in Debuffs on Enemy.
• Fixed items: Diabolus Armor, Academy Freshman Hat_.


I did not find a way to change my element (other than equipping weapon with different element), am I missing something?

Okay, I am stupid, it's below weapon :)
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Im not sure about the behavior of what it's happening is about the client emulator side, or the calculator side:

When upgrading armors, each +1 add a 0,6666... DEF on equipment:

+1 = 0,6  +2=1,2   +3=1,8    +4=2,4    +5=3,0 and goes on.

When using the armor upgrade on the equipment section, it's giving the wrong DEF increase.

But again, im not sure if it's a emulator behavior, or the calculator itself

But if only people take in consideration of droping the level upgrade and keep in mind that for +4 DEF they need to upgrade things to +7, then it's no problem at all

Thanks for all the hard work for this great tool for Ro players /no1


Last time I researched about refining DEF increase it turned out to be +0.7 DEF each refine. That was about 2 years ago.

I will test it again equipping 3 equipments refined +10, that way:
- If it's +0.666 DEF then it would be 3*10*0.666 = +19.98 DEF
- If it's +0.7 DEF then it would be 3*10*0.7 = +21 DEF

Result on an Hercules based server: +21 DEF
Did you get another result on other server?


Yes indeed,

I tried it on DoM, i don't know which emulator they use, i belive it might be eAethena

Im into a new server and when i have the oportunity will try to see if i get the same def scalling behavior

I myself would love if all the other server did follow that formula for calculating refinement on armors (making life of tankers easier)

I only noticed it because of the many faqs i read, and when i looked into iRowiki classic, that the formula they give also, but being a "official server" they even that could nerf something so make it more pay to win by making things a bit harder, so they include "ores" that make it easier

But even so, iRo and others Ro (jRo, kRo, etc) have diferent perspectives of what happens. Nerf, bug, changes etc.

That's it.

If i get more info about it i will report /no1


I dunno nowadays but iRO used to have wrong values being displayed. I remember to read something about that was like "You can have 90+ DEF on the display but in reality it's a lower value".