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Started by rockersole123, Jan 31, 2023, 12:00 AM

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Ex. Amatsu dun03-tengu (broken liq, tengu nose). You can only hunt tengu in that area and the loot mention only drop by him so it's valuable. Any monster with unique drop and can only spawn in one map. Make it father from city or deep int the dungeon. PS: don't mention gefiania. I hate the gefina quest(dance part). No weapon armor card consumable. And no MVP and minimvp


yea brother, but also


you just talking about strategies to make stuff cooler?


I'm just asking if anyone know what monster drop unique loot


Just some random ones:

Battered Kettle, Folding Fan of Cat Ghost, Armor Piece of Dullahan, Foolishness of the Blind, Bat Cage, Wooden Gnarl, Tendon, Scorpion Claw, Sharp Paper, Kafra Legend Vol.1, Old Manteau, Old Pick, Old Portrait,
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Vane and Festival Mask from Rice Cake Boy, Honey Pot from Pasana, Wooden Heart from Wooden Golem, basically all the miscellaneous drops from Loli Ruri...

There are quite a few, most monsters in the mid to late game have at least one unique drop, and there are quite a lot, chances are if you look at a random monster it most likely has one /no1