where is Kiehl Dungeon...?

Started by henz, Oct 05, 2006, 06:09 AM

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Could someone tell me how I can get to Kiehl Dungeon because the warp npc in my server(qRO) do not warp me to the correct place
+ I cann't find it in this site



well i have no idea how to get there without warping. lol

if the server you play on has the @warp function enabled try using "@warp kh_dun01"


lol...that's why I'm asking it
my server doesn't have @warp


Kiel's Dungeon Gate is on map yuno_fild08  position on (68.172) just click on the switch on the grave yard...and...BANG!!!you're enter the Kiel Dungeon ^^
but i don't know how to get to second floor...