Why hasnt anyone raised the max aspd?

Started by lilmonsta95, Feb 25, 2011, 10:29 AM

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mahara, lightspeed limitation is not a human construct. Cookie, that question is actually irrelevant as going over lightspeed on normal spacetime is impossible as it will require infinite amount of energy. Some "shortcuts" like wormholes are theoretized, but so far it appears that these would face the same problem, amount of energy required to create them seems to be more than sum of energy in whole universe.


i think 190 to 193 aspd is the perfect aspd for a server.


according to einstein's relativity formula that everybody knows it is impossible to go faster then the speed of light. just like it is impossible to divide by 0


PROVE IT MR.SMARTYPANTS. But seriously is it possible for aspd to be so low that it takes 2 secs or more to make one hit?


@relics: come now, do you really think that humans' understanding of the universe and how it works is the only one/the ultimately right one?

@vlad: but that equation is man-made, and might be proven wrong someday.



Mistook me for Relics? :D I'm not some kind of old relic....

And well...human understanding is an approximation of the pricniples and workings of universe. Isn't exact, and most likely never will be, but scientific methods allow quite good approximation, and some fundamental principles are so well tested that they're unlikely to be proven wrong.

And famous E=m*c^2 describes matter-energy relation, not lighspeed definition per se, but it does relate to it.

Aand, lilmonsta. Just grab a taekwon and give him a knife or any other "all class" weapon. You'll see ASPD drop to abysmal values.

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^ Yeah...

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