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Started by ventus, Mar 30, 2009, 03:11 PM

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Hi there I am unclear to what a swordfish card actually does or how it works. It changes your property to water? does that mean that water property monsters wont hit you anymore? I never fully understood how these types of cards worked.


^^ it gives you level 1 water element so what that means is this:
any water property attack used on you will have its damage reduced by 25%

and do note, it has to be a water property attack, like water ball or storm gust and etc, a water elemental monster's attacks won't change anything (unless its attacks are always water ele XD)


Not reduced by 25%, but reduced to 25%.


Remember cards that change your elemental property always change it to level 1. So just look at the level 1 table.
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Like the above posters said, it will give you a lv1 element property, even though you gain a good defense against one element (or maybe more depending on the element), you will also get it's weaknesses (Swordfish is Water1, that means less damage from water and more damage from wind/lightning), and btw, using an elemental switching card on an elemental armor (Lets say Swordfish on a Typhoon Armor) won't work at all, you will still get one element tho...
Even though, hotkeying many kinds of different armors is a pretty good strategy against wizards (For Priests and Crusaders angeling, and for many classes that have a Non-Elemental 1HKO Skill, Ghostring)