Have you ever walked from one town to another because you were too bored?

Started by Kolby, Jul 01, 2013, 05:41 AM

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Hi guys, I remembered a few years ago I was so bored that I walked from Comodo to Yuno just for the sake of having an adventure. It was pretty cool, in fact the whole RO world was an  adventure for me until I've killed and seen all the monsters that was available. I use to become really ecstatic when I saw new monsters which I'd have never seen before which were in the Ragnarok Online Guide books which they used to publish back in 04-06(Do they even make those anymore?).
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I still walk between towns when I'm bored....especially between morroc and payon/pront in pre-satan morroc servers because I always did like the Sograt Desert.
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 /omg Really?

For my experience i never walk... But wait.. I do...  /ok

In 2002 or 2003.. not remember.. That time i just play RO.. So i dont event know we can use Kafra to warp.. Hahahaa.. After my friend told me.. Then i start use kafra..