Spell Breaker

Started by Abyzzmal, Apr 07, 2010, 03:49 PM

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Spell Breaker

This skill lets you cancel any skill with Cast Time (ANY skill).
When an enemy spell is canceled, the target gets 2% of its Maximum HP as damage and the Sage absorbs a percentage of the SP used for the broken spell, also if the SkillLV is 5, the sage will also absorb half the Physical damage done to the target.
The success rate of this skill against Boss monsters is 10%. If this Spell is cast on an other Sage that uses Magic Rod, Magic Rod is not broken and the Spell Breaker caster loses 20% SP.

So does this mean it can cancel out Emergency Call ( The guild skill that can warp all of the players in the guild to the Guild Leader's Position) ?


ya? as long as its casting when sb hits afaik
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i never tried but i think so...



I don't get why the boss success chance is only 10%. Even if you use Slow Cast (from Tooth Blade for example), most MVP skills are nearly impossible to break.
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