How is the monk skill Spirit Absorb suppose to work?

Started by maxxus0923, Feb 03, 2016, 10:41 AM

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So i am playing New Valkyrie Ragnarok online. a x1x1x1 or sometimes floating rate server.

I was one of the first monks there.

Upon reaching level 69, i tried going to sleepers to see if i can duke it out with them, and yes indeed i can duke it out with them.

But when i tried using the skill spirit absorb on goats, it doesnt work.

I mean it doesnt honestly work.

I've been at it with the goat for 3 hours to try tinker out the details, but out of my almost 2.2k tries of absorbing SP from it none succeeded.

so i asked the gm if spirit absorb is working fine, he said i need Dex for it to work. but i've done spirit absorb on other servers even with only 10 dex alone and it works mostly 1 out of 20 tries(I count it)

So i am asking is that the way it suppose to work? That i need more dex for me to be able to successfuly absorb SP from monsters?

because from my experience i dont need to have so much dex(more than 20) to be able to absorb SP to be honest, it has worked on many servers that i've been to and this is the only server it doesnt work, so all my conceptions about this monk skill is a lie?


"If the targeted player does not have any Spirit Spheres, this skill will fail."

^ Is supposed to be exclusive to pvp AFAIK but maybe they made it work that way to pve too? I mean, I remember, years ago, to do parties with friends at Sphinx 4 and one of them playing a monk who would get sp from Anubis.


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Besides that Absorb Spirit Sphere works on monsters, maybe the server at some point have messed it.

I barely remember, but, i think this skill in some episode didn't work on monsters, and dexterity only make it cast faster, and not gives success.

Also on any monster the success rate is 20%