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Started by Sinistrum, Oct 22, 2015, 11:12 AM

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Hello Guys,

I am running a German Server Atm. // Its fully Supported and Translated for the German Community.

I was thinking about revamping it for International "usage".

Back Information : The Server is running for 2 Month´s now.

My Question is, should I whipe and give it a fresh "start" into the International Community or just Translate everything into English and shoudnt worry bout it.
What would you guys prefer?


I think you should ask your player base about that, keeping loyal players is better than getting new players that may leave after a few hours of playing.


Well.. easier said then done.

Most of them Flip "****" when they even read the word Whipe


Of course they freak out. They put time and effort into your server and you're considering wiping it without even mentioning it to them? I'd be terrified.


I would not Whipe it without mentioning it.

The Point is = Would it scare you personally off to play on a Server with a German Playerbase until the Server gets a bit more English/International Players?

//Staffsupport - Forum etc. is English ofcourse.