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Started by Knemu, Jan 24, 2007, 09:39 AM

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hi, could anyone tell me how to get to biolab. dungeon n' to kiel dungeon please =)
somebody told me that a quest must be done to enter to biolab... but i don't know anything else =(

if someone can post a web site to find a lot of hat quest/ item quest/ etc, i rly apreciate that =)

thanks ^^


the biolab quest, i done it once, it starts within the town where the biolab is located, it is complicated ... i don't wanna go into the details ...

kiel dungeon, if you are playing on eAthena servers, the entrance should be at the map where kiel's mansion is located, on like west (horizontal) and mid (vertical) there is a graveyard (that's behind the mansion, should be a well near it too), near one of the tombstones there is an invisible npc where you should talk to it by mouseover it and it will ask if u want to enter.


how come when i talk to the tombstone it only says "its just a grave it might be important to you later on but now its not really all that helpful"  ??? -i really wanna enter it now im doing the quest right now-