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The project has been cancelled as it is infeasible. It won't be restarted. Thanks to all who contributed while it was briefly around!  /ok

Nice to have a place dedicated to some RO history for those that are interested.  I think you can find and cover most of the history from bits and pieces scattered out there.  PlayTester (our forum user and great contributor in the private RO community) might know some of the mystery if he happens to read this.

Not sure if you really want to collect the history of private servers.  There were plenty of them going up and down at any given point in time in the last 15 years.

My memory is not that good that I could just out of my head list up interesting things though. xD

I probably could answer questions to certain non-client related topics. But I only started joining the emulator project in 2007, so everything beforehand is only hearsay that I can neither confirm nor deny (like that eAthena was based on jAthena).

I assume you already have all the released that were posted on ASB?

I was actually thinking before of making like some "Fun fact" topic on here where I just say some things I fixed in the past that most people playing on emulated servers probably don't know (especially because most of them are Herc based now). I actually tried that before but only some topics got enough interest.

I don't think many of the topics I tackle are too relevant for ROPP. Recently I released the official status resistance formulas for renewal on these forums and in 2013 I did the same for pre-renewal. Another topic that's always on my mind is how after episode 10 the game got slowly "unbalanced". Or the spawn changes after episode 9. Most of my thoughts usually revolve around "What would the game look like now if the original team never left and the game didn't fall for the power creep problem?", which isn't really related to data preservation.

But yeah as said, if you have any particular questions I could try to reply to them.

Currently the website is offline and the project is discontinued for the forseeable future. If this changes I'll advise, but due to the current actions being taken it's better to suspend activity. We were doing nothing wrong but simply this is something I don't want to continue in the current climate.

So... is there anything you want to know that I can help with?


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