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[Cancelled] Ragnarok Online Preservation Project

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Absolutely fantastic idea. Most of the info I know is anecdotal or second-hand from others but I feel it's like that for many people - lots of stories passes person-to-person, so to have a resource where things are all collated and sourced would be fantastic.
I love seeing this old RO stuff so I'll keep an eye on this with high hopes. /lv

Inspector Clouseau:
I once had a CD with an old kRO installation in it, which was useful for playing ragnarok private servers on a different computer or reinstalling a fresh copy if I had to.

But I don't know how much that would help, and I think I may have thrown it away by now anyway.

I have some old RO art books

This is great!!!! Thank you for taking the time to get this going.

That's a really cool project!

Some suggestions I would make:

Use all skill and monster names from all regions, i.e. it shouldn't just say Professor for example but also Scholar.
Or for monster names, Cathryne Keyron and Kathryne Keyron and Katrinn, and marked on which region which name was used.
For skills, from what I can remember, fRO(euRO) used Highness Heal instead of High Heal.

Also maybe, if possible to dig that deep into the past, it would be super interesing and cool to have all updates Ragnarok has ever had listed for each server.


iRO - Episodes 1 to now (Main server)
iRO - Classic Loki (Classic server defunct)

euRO - Episodes 1 to 1x (Burda:ic)

fRO/euRO - Episodes 1x to server termination (WhyBe)

And what I personally would be most interested in:
A page with ALL of the official artwork of Ragnarok Online in lossless .png quality.
Including Startup/Login screen, Loading screens, Class Artworks, etc.


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