[Renewal] Mimic Melee Damage Reduction

Started by darklovex, Mar 11, 2022, 04:50 PM

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Hi everyone I been playing ragnarok online for years but I never known and cant find why I deal reduced melee damage to Mimic, I always go with a Knight or Monk to Piramid to kill Isis, but when I hit the Mimic I only do like 5% of my total damage.
Anyone Knows why this happen because I didnt find any skill that reduce the damage inflicted.
Now im playing Talon Ro and my monk deals like 400 of damage per  hit and I only do 5 to 15 of damage to Mimics


The only reason I can think of is that you are having seeking attack ( in this case monk spirit spheres ) and u don't have enough hit for mimic hence the 15 damage part.


I will see that, the only way to deal we could say "true damage" o real damage is by magic, because I always bring a Priest with me and his holy attacks deal true damage so magic goes well but when it comes to melee damage there is were the problem is.
Some said that I should use Finger Offensive because that abililty deals true damage to Mimic because its like a Magic Attack, but the problem is that I have low DEX like 35 points and the cast time is like 3 seconds I think and the speed of the mimic is really high.
I will try rising DEX to see how it goes.
I always played high rate servers so never notice this after a time that started playing low rate with friends years ago and happened with my Knight that I used to go to Piramid 4 to kill isis for the Diamonds and found this with mimics, but dont remember If I was able to deal real damage to them (like 10 years ago)
Thanks for the help    /no1


I'm just like you, I still haven't found it


You need more DEX to have enough Hit to be able to damage the Mimic. Mimics need 376 hit to have 100% hit chance.

Spirit Spheres each grant 3 atk that never misses (15 damage with 5 spheres). That's why you're only doing 15 damage to them: you're missing and that's just the damage from the spheres.

Magic ignores flee, so that's why magic attacks will still hit.

Throw Spirit Sphere (Finger Offensive) doesn't ignore flee like magic. It still uses your accuracy.
Occult Impaction (Investigate) DOES ignore flee though and will do more damage based on the target's DEF stat (more def = more damage).