[Renewal] Mimic Melee Damage Reduction

Started by darklovex, Mar 11, 2022, 04:50 PM

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Hi everyone I been playing ragnarok online for years but I never known and cant find why I deal reduced melee damage to Mimic, I always go with a Knight or Monk to Piramid to kill Isis, but when I hit the Mimic I only do like 5% of my total damage.
Anyone Knows why this happen because I didnt find any skill that reduce the damage inflicted.
Now im playing Talon Ro and my monk deals like 400 of damage per  hit and I only do 5 to 15 of damage to Mimics


The only reason I can think of is that you are having seeking attack ( in this case monk spirit spheres ) and u don't have enough hit for mimic hence the 15 damage part.


I will see that, the only way to deal we could say "true damage" o real damage is by magic, because I always bring a Priest with me and his holy attacks deal true damage so magic goes well but when it comes to melee damage there is were the problem is.
Some said that I should use Finger Offensive because that abililty deals true damage to Mimic because its like a Magic Attack, but the problem is that I have low DEX like 35 points and the cast time is like 3 seconds I think and the speed of the mimic is really high.
I will try rising DEX to see how it goes.
I always played high rate servers so never notice this after a time that started playing low rate with friends years ago and happened with my Knight that I used to go to Piramid 4 to kill isis for the Diamonds and found this with mimics, but dont remember If I was able to deal real damage to them (like 10 years ago)
Thanks for the help    /no1


I'm just like you, I still haven't found it