What makes Renewal so bad in the eyes of so many players?

Started by Macoleco, May 07, 2020, 03:13 PM

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Ragnarok Pre-Renewal was always a team game where you needed several people to take down monsters or level up. It was also pretty grindy and it took you months to get some decent gear. You could play this game for years and you were still not done. You could stick to the game and grow with it.
It's fun and still after many years its nice to get this nostalgia back.

Renewal just focuses mostly on people who don't have time. Old and new players don't have the time to grind anymore because of work, school etc. You can pretty much get everything through the item shop.
You don't need any party members or a priest anymore. Scrolls can be bought, you can oneshot many MVPS and run instances alone with the gear. And its just a huge pay2win since you only can get better through cash shop, shadow gear and stuff can't be dropped. (offical server)
Also every class was needed and there were clear differences.
And the Gear Upgrade is just infinte now. Getting stuff up to +20 and the best enchants with 5 enchant options, and this is also possible only with cashing.