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Started by Naruto, Nov 29, 2018, 09:34 PM

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Hi just a video showing some stuff ive been working on. Not ready for project thread please dont kill me.

The main idea is: rebalanced old pre re content , making renewal content more old school and other things (deep src editing)

-Completely new skills using what effects are in the effects_doc (967 possible effects)
-Reworked Renewal skills to make the feel and look Pre-Re again (No more overbrand, psychic wave, 1 shot kill everything etc)(Hard to see but lvl 30 skill limit atm)
-Turrets for a Tower Defense minigame
-A few mob changes

These are my skill changes if your curious  /ok

Sonic Wave : now hits all targets in path, wind element and restricted to 1h sword (planned 1h/2h hybrids 1h/spear hybrid weapons

Lightning Swing : 1h sword only, strike target with wind damage and move back from them a few cells, and allows you to use lightning rush

Lightning Rush : 1h only, uses cannon spear. after lightning swing you can charge at a target , wind damage

Crash: 2h sword only, uses old ignition break, charge to a target, hit everyone in path and knocks them back a bit effectivly mobbing them a bit

Inb4 im ripping some guy off, i dont care this is my new past time. Also this "beta" and things are gonna change.


ps: Freesoftware FTW (maybe next time ill try harder)  /pif



Your link doesn't appear to be working.


broken link.


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Haha, didnt set my video to public

Hope you come back to take a look... i changed the delay for my turrets so the cast is more instant like when i use an angra that has 196 adsp

also updated link in my first post , HOPEFULLY it works now



Thanks for not killing me.

This is gonna be my last video until i can say all my jobs are at 75% complete, then ill probably open up a thread in the proper place.  /no1

Custom Paladin (80% complete)

Custom 2 Handed Lord Knight (Compared to my first video which featured 1 Hand Skills)

Lord Knight : Expanded Skills are more emphasis on Weapon Types, Hybrid planned

Paladin: Stationary, with a homunculus (his spirit/soul) to back him up. Neutral Element Shield Skills and Holy Magic.

The Skills:

Crash : Ignition Break Animation, Fire, crash through targets and knockthem back with you effectively mobing them.

Suppress : Rage Burst Animation, Neutral damage (still working on formula  /sob), slash enemies around, Preventing them from moving for a few seconds, they can still attack though, so its range + timing can stop targets out of their range. Magnum break works well with this.

Bowling Ball bash is probably gonna stay the same, close range AoE, Simple and modifiable by your weapon element


Soul as Homunculus
- Intervene : Blast an area, dealing holy damage as it levels up cooldown and cast time lower
-Shelter: Drop a sanctuary
- Other skills still being worked on

Impending Verse : Judex animation, Lock a target in place dealing holy magic, it cant move but it can still attack!

Soothing Verse(stone variant and silence variants): Lex Aeterna Animation (I think lol) , Deals Holy magic and the variants i have can put target to sleep, stone curse and silence.

Doctrine of Malevolence and Divine Radiance : Stationary skills, mobs around you suffer things like reduced speed and accuracy (still planning), mobs walking towards you get affected. Higher levels of this skill reduces the actual delay so you can pick and chose if you wanna be ON THE MOVE, or more BACK LINE . The idea is to control your Soul During your Gospels and Defenders and things like that So you dont actually have to move but can still support with your Homunculus.

The shield skills are pretty much the same, some got knock back and stronger stuns etc etc will always remain neutral

Element Break down

Lord knight : 1h weapons + wind element / 2h weapons + fire element / spears are work in progress

Paladin: Some fire from magnum break but doesnt apply to Shields, theyre always Neutral and access to strong Holy Magic


See you in a few months lol

PS: I never mentioned it but i thought it was obvious since im making all my videos in Payon Dungeon, but the idea is to re level everything so its as if the game starts at Base 99 and goes up to lets say Base 200.  So Yeah, Mobs generally start at 4k Health and have way more active skills and then grow from there. And gear will start off like you were end game IRO and grow into a bunch of Angra Manyu's (lol).

PPS:I take PvP into consideration when i create all my skills, because it was a big part of this game, but... this is going to be a PvE game at first.



Pretty decent looking forward to your projects! Goodluck.


Uhh I have to bump this

Only real update is that i ripped apart the bard/dancer class to make a heavy aura based gameplay and to incorporate my new soul linker who will merge auras with everyone instead of just buffs...

Also working on my Payon expansion currently 2 Fields + Redesignned Alberta

Lmao seeya




This video should be alot easier to watch, Yeah i know this makes me look awesome.  /kis

Ok so I decided to release another video, I have nothing to hide so i didnt edit it much. (besides my true identity on Rathena/Hercules)

Lord Knight:

Dominators Presence : The Yellow aura, Has multiple stages that are gained by getting KILLS and getting COMBO spirits, Many classes are gonna have these spirits and im gonna have monk influence them all. Like i said about the Soul Linker having focus on the auras themselves...This is just an anti heal aura ATM

Challenge : Target gains immunity to suppress, but in return he gets his healing back

Suppress: Right now i have it just knocking everyone away from you except for your challenge target, Im still working on trying to place my 3rd skills into my 2-2 tree.....

Paladin :

I just added graphical auras instead of just standing there.

This turret goes invisble and slows targets, probably gonna make him a stationary aura

Aoe, good damage but slow we saw him before

Just a automatic turret

Im kinda trying to lay out an entire Tier 1 setting in payon... so thats why i have a bit of everything so far

My fields i mentioned are only 1/4 done... Ive just recently got the hang of mimicing Payon Forest so its starting to pick up.

Pretty sure i said this was just a hobby too.



So im thinking about dropping this and putting all my effort into making a new game just to see how far i can push this emulator.

im thinking dark eden / castlevania / shadow run / apocalypse in a modern era theme. . .

Im probably gonna finish all my job skills and the renewal > pre renewal downgrade in case anyone is interested in it, but the mining,fishing, farming etc just gonna leave it and consider it good practice.  and while working on my own thing, ill just keep ragnarok in mind cause i already have all my jobs planned out but still need practice writing, so just gonna do it elsewhere. . .

Thanks for not calling me stupid




Do you have your own developer's blog? It might be a good idea to start one if you haven't already. This lets us check on the progress and you can show off your work.


Lmao, i really wanted to see a megaman thing going on but i thought about it and it would work really well to take the really flashy skills i CANT edit and turn that into the "deck hacked" "shadow run" "hacking theme" that you can switch to from your main character. Yeah that would be nice.

Quote from: Bue on Feb 07, 2019, 11:03 PM
Do you have your own developer's blog? It might be a good idea to start one if you haven't already. This lets us check on the progress and you can show off your work.

well this is really the only place i can post it . . the next time we hear from me though will probably be in my own thread, somewhere. probably here and on this youtube channel though.



Nevermind, not gonna be posting anything anymore, people to scared to talk to me when they cant take a joke or something

not my fault you feel retarded

you welcome for fixing this engine




Ok I just fixed all my problems

Ill be posting again shortly here with my own projects sections

Like i said earlier, ill be taking everything i learnt and putting it into a new game using this engine

Leaning on a Modern/cyberpunk/apocylpse sort of thing

Gonna be using the same art style as ragnarok