Need Help with my gx please

Started by Markmueller, Jun 11, 2024, 06:26 AM

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Im playing on a high rate. Max Level 175 max Stat 175. Double Attack can crit. But its pre renewal. Max aspd 193. Mvps have much More HP than usual.

I want to Play dual dagger.

I Need Help with the weapons and stat choice of my gx. I want to kill mvps.

I dont exactly know how the cards modifiers Work, so i Wonder what would be the best cards For my 2 Main gauches (4).

I have Access to AK cards, i can also do a specific Second Main gauche For the specific MVP, say vadon vadon minorous minorous Card.

What Would BE the best Setup For mvps?

Just x4 AK cards in Main Hand
And 3 ele 1 size cards in Off Hand?
Sadly i dont quite understand the concept yet, despite searching For it. What i understood is that offhand cards Work on Main Hand.

I also have Access to ICE Pick For high def mvps. No Access to MVP cards.

Also regarding stats, is IT good to Go with luk For the non high def mvps ( so No ICE Pick) Since i can crit Double Attack?

Thanks For help


Hi, I invite you to check a sandbox server to run some tests. (Okay, the double attack won't crit / you won't have your max level of 175, but you can assign stat points as you like (beyond 99), and give yourself the cards/equipment.
You will already have an idea for optimizing the cards, sorry I can't help you more. ( you need test the paper card too on your server)
You can use a simulator too; there you'll also see the best cards for DPS.

Sandbox :
Calculator :