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Ragnarok Online HARDCORE MODE (a REAL challenge for good RO players)

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Fu Wind:
Hello ladies and gentlemen. I'm just here to cordially invite you to try this custom mode.

Quick explanation: You start from scratch with zero gear. You die once, it's over. Your character is sent to a "graveyard" from which it cannot come back ever. Even reaching max level is a huge challenge when you lack gear and you're constantly worried about not dying. Of course this may be frustrating for some fearful players, so is not for everyone. But i highly recommend it, is an awesome experience to try at least once in life.

Do you consider yourself a good RO player? Would you dare to try the challenge?

Click here for a detailed videoguide!

would be great to see a pre-renewal version of this concept

this hardcore mode , on a prerenewal low rate server  /no1

Fu Wind:
NGL, the concept applied to prerrenewal seems interesanting too. Please tell me if some server implement it and you have someone streaming it or recording it to see it.

i guess everyone whould just play VIT Knight and never play woe  /heh


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