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Author Topic: Ragnarok Online Club - Looking for Members - Join Us!  (Read 1139 times)

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Hello, my name is [G]litch and I created the Ragnarok Online Club to put together some people to play Ragnarok Online.  /no1

What is "Ragnarok Online Club"  /?
ROClub is a Community for members who enjoy playing Ragnarok Online with virtual friends (We don't know each other in person, Lol) and want to remain in contact over the years for various reasons. Maybe you got tired of playing or life is getting in the way (LOL) so you need to take a break, NEVER FEAR. We'll be right here when are able to/have time to come back:)

What can ROClub offer You  /?
ROClub offers you a place to call home /ok
Keeps you in contact with all your ROFriends  /ok
Allows you to share stuff with them  /no1
A place to create new characters, explore new servers and try out new things on the World of Ragnarok!  /no1

What is ROClub's Mission  /?
ROClub's mission is to create a community full of Ragnarok Online Players who want to play together. I'm talking about creating a character on a server, getting job lvl high enough to organize a party, inviting members to said party and leveling up, gearing up and end gaming it all together! Some servers offer "Guild Packages" which we will be able to obtain!  /no1
We just want to play with more people. Have a group of players that we know will be online to play with! /ok

I miss those days coming home from school, doing my chores and then sitting down and logging into Ragnarok and being able to see my friends online and grind together, PvP and more. So, we made it our mission to bring that back. If you feel as if when you log in there's no one to play with then come join us! You may have to switch servers but it could be worth it:) Also, we will eventually have members on different servers cause who doesn't have 4 different servers installed at once? But, we hope to always be heavily dedicated to one server:)

One of our goals is to just have fun. We want our members to have fun so if you're looking for a place to call home, join us! /ok

 /o Please Note: /o
  • We're in the early stages. Setting things up:)
  • Depending on the server, if it dies, gets boring, we change our minds, we can switch servers!:)
  • We're not necessarily a Guild but a Community. We do have in-game Guilds and we will have Guilds in different servers (Once we're set up and with more members)

Our Links:

If you're interested in joining, contact me!:)
Ways to Contact:
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Re: Ragnarok Online Club - Looking for Members - Join Us!
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I will just remind you before this happen, stick to the original purpose and never get to the point where you think "every server is corrupt let's create our own" ... and then you know what's next.  That story just keep repeating itself it's not funny.