About real money trading (RMT) being used to gain zeny in RO servers.

Started by distilled1, Jun 28, 2024, 05:26 PM

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Your opinion of servers allowing real money to be exchanged for zeny in some form.

It's bad. It allows unfair advantages to wealthier people.
4 (21.1%)
It's bad. (Some other reason)
9 (47.4%)
I don't personally care if it's allowed or not.
1 (5.3%)
It's only okay if the server officially exchanges a player's money for zeny in order to avoid players being scammed by other players.
3 (15.8%)
I'd prefer if RMT was freely allowed between players regardless of potential scammers.
1 (5.3%)
It's good either exchanged officially by the server, or exchanged freely by the players. It allows people who work full time to catch up and gain some zeny from their extra spending money. Also supports the server's funding.
1 (5.3%)
It's good. (Some other reason)
0 (0%)

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I want a healthy server economy that evolves organically via trading in-game currency & items ONLY.
My take: The moment you introduce RMT, you open the floodgates for inflation, corrupted staff members(it only takes one), and bad actors.