Best place to farm? :)

Started by ilqsilqs, Apr 13, 2014, 01:09 PM

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Playing a pre-trans server stuck at episode 9.
Rates are EXP:30x/EQ:40x/MISC:20x but weirdly cards are at 1%

1. What maps are most profitable to farm, server is still new so planning to just sell to npc's rather than find rare loots and sell/vend to players.

2. What should I use as a farming character, I can get decent gears but also please post the ideal gears to farm in the maps you suggested.

Before the server disabled dual clienting, now it's 1ip/client, I farmed with my merchant partied with an aco (both at 50's) at level 2 pyramids. The one with soldier skels and archer skels, looted their misc drops and stilettos/great bows.

I'm looking for something more profitable when I gain more levels and/or hit max or max another character if you suggest something else.

Thank you! :)

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Dark Frames with a hunter are a long-time standard for basic zeny. I think that's before the episode where Raydrics got insane crit, so they're good to farm with a dagger rogue. Elunium will be like gold on a new server.



For Payon Dungeon level 4... Dokeibi for golds.


do umbala quest, go to sleepers and convert some of those great nature then sell using overcharge of merchant.


Dokebi are really good for gold drops.


You can make a Rouge with Max Gank level.. Try Myst Case at toy factory level 2, their Piece of cake and Pearl Drops cost thousands of Zennies and it is sure to make you rich with Lvl 10 OC of your Merc, Also with Haggle Skill of Rogue which is 25% discount on NPC items.. you can buy cheaper pots.. it is the easiest and Cheapest way to Farm and level up..  /no1