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Started by tzach44, Jan 26, 2007, 06:36 PM

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Why do u you love Ragnarok?

because of the varity of characters(jobs)
2 (11.1%)
because of PvP/WoE
5 (27.8%)
because of the community
4 (22.2%)
because of the varity of maps
1 (5.6%)
Other(you may comment in your reply)
6 (33.3%)

Total Members Voted: 17


hi, i'm doing a project about RO for school and i was requested to add a survey of some sort, so please, take a moment of your time and vote, and add a reply if you feel like it.
Thanks for your cooperation!  ;)


Other: because it's a Korean grindfest like no other mmorpg.


its hard to say why, but i think its the way the gameplay is responsive and fun. it doesnt always feel like you are slowly throwing maths at a graphic like most mmo's. you have to actually move around and avoid the mobs (unless a tank) ive played quite a bit of WoW and FFXI and some free mmos and RO just keeps me coming back, even after 4 years of play. i get bored of 3d mmos very quickly. i love starting RO as a nub and having no equips, using just my skills to get by :P. ive restarted on my own server about 100 times :D i bet even RO2 wont be as fun.

Loki FortunaRO

Well, I hate levelling, PVP, and WoE, and most of the RO community is about those three things.  ^_^;;

I like it for how I can customize it to fit my own little world, with all the characters and such that I want.  I also like that it's not 3d, because rotating cameras in first-person view (like WoW) makes me motion sick.


I'd say "all of the above" or "some of the above" at least.

To me, it started out as playing with friends (from real life). This was the most fun, we were leveling together in party and pvp/woe was not something we knew about yet.

Then a few months after, as we were higher lvl, it became all about woe as a guild (still mostly friends), lots of teamwork made it really fun.

Ragnarok offers a good mix of things, where a lot of different people can find what they like. Be it pvp/woe, roleplaying, hat collecting, leveling solo or in party.
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u could say partly the community but i voted "others" and the reason behind is the drama involved in the community.



Whats not to love?

Its the most balanced mmorpg ive played ever even reguardless of the complaints and gravitys bumbling. It is nicely drawn.. the play style reminds me of my favorite rpg Secret of Mana. Even alot of the english names are stolen from the 3rd part of the mana series(asura on monk in sd3). Its easily customizable, the pvp is nice, the hacks are avoidable if the gms care... its just a great game.


There's so many things I love about RO.  I love the classes, the maps, the sprites, and of course the music! xD