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Quote from: Poki on Oct 07, 2008, 08:40 PM
EDIT: I must say, I'm getting rather confused with how economy is looked upon at now :(

XD i've always been confused as to how RO economy works, which is why i finally took the effort and asked x3


Wow, first i perosnally dont have an oppion on economy but cant it be seen and through like the server main page and what not, i am on gathering ro and on it there is information on how many players there are and how much zenny there is in the whole economy. so looking at that and the ammount people in it i guess you can say its a good econmy or not.

then again  my server has 14,000, and has a total of 158,166,090,732 zenny, so looking at that i am guessing its  a bit of a mis macth, 

for if you to divde would come to around.........1129577.9042857...........zeny per person.

But if there is all that money to go around, we still have players who cant afford stuff.... so long story short, my server is a bit of a mixed up economy....

ho and the ammout of zenny keeps on riseing. it was    140,000,000,000 a few weeks back and now its gone up...

yeah so even my server no idea what an idea econmy is about. O_o
Posted on: Oct 07, 2008, 07:31 pm

whoops sorry guys there are 14,000 accounts.

but there are 27,000 charecters.

so that means it is.....5858003,3604444444........

but still a lot of cash going around,and increasing all the time as well.


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