Pyramid bonus cards?

Started by Caroline, Oct 11, 2008, 09:07 PM

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So I'm back on a server that has a gold room in moc_fild19. I remember the first server that had a gold room here also had a card that amplifies magic attack specifically in that area for the sake of harvesting the souls of millions of gold monsters and such. I quit that server long ago, but now I'm back on a server that has the same gold room, and I can't remember what card gave that bonus. Or maby that card was a server custom and I'm just crazy. Can someone set me straight so I can stop using all my SP spamming lord of vermilion just to kill 5 little gold lunatics?


i think maybe High Wizard card will help you    

Ignores MDEF of normal monsters. Slows your casting time by 2x. Reduces SP regeneration rate by 100%.


Oh snap! that was it! How could I forget?
Thanks so much!