a funny or ridiculous moment in Ragnarok

Started by Sayadel, Nov 09, 2014, 12:36 PM

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It all started in geffen, gathered a Party with my friends (Crusader,  2 hunters, 1 wizzard) went all the way to vanquish some evil foes on glastheim (1st time ever)
Arrived, we found an acolite friend who wanted his job level to 50 so she joined us on our mission to deliver retribution to the corrupted ones.
Everything was going smoothly, hunters for mimics, crusader with holy damage, good magic damage and top noch heals, it was the ultime party... 5 souls fighting for rune midgard's destiny against a whole army of demonic entities.

After a couple of hours of slicing, piercing and burning we finally made it, level 2, and nothing could have ever prepared us for what was about to come... A Dark Lord appeared out of nowhere, everybody ran for their lives but it was all in vain, I saw all my friends died in a blink of an eye and I followed them 2 seconds later... It was a dark day for justice... Dark indeed.
See you, space cowboy!


Well, my funny moment is I refused to change job to any job because I think Novice is awesome... I played till level 50 and it was low rate server......


my 1st private server was in late/end 2007 to beginning of 2008.

that server was not balanced at all.


it was a shr with a full mall and buying a cotton shirt and placing 4 orc lord cards in it and just sitting around doing nothing and the monsters [aggro or bosses] actually dying bcoz of the 120% reflect and using @warp was just the best.

also +100 [or was it +127?] with 16 syren windsor cards was just too much fun.

Felt like a GOD!

I went after high orcs bcz on official they were so scary, and now they were just lil punks who couldnt touch me.

GM Brook

When I first started, I had a knight then I asked my friend how to feed my peco peco.. he told me to go to the fountain in prontera and sit there for few minutes & drink the water from the fountain  /pif /no1 /heh


It was when doing the swordsman quest drunk, I remember I was able to finish it with 15 tries hahaha.