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Started by Usagimimi, May 15, 2010, 09:56 PM

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Haha. S'okay. When I fish, it is on my gypsy.


Quote from: mahawirasd on May 24, 2010, 04:35 AM
stop noobing and play again Dani... /pif;

anyway, i did get around to trying RO a bit in 2002/2003... but still didn't find any love for it... probably still butthurt because RO killed nexia in 2001 just because of the graphics... nexia had way better gameplay...

but yeah, played a lowly mage in a local official, never got around to loving how slow it got...
played a bit also with a friend who made a 9x acolyte already high str high dex because he wanted to be the first monk... such dedication... /swt;

but yeah, no screenshots because i played in internet houses then...


1. Got bored of RO, nobody was on doing things I wanted to do when I would log.

2. I got busy in real life, I'm trying to have a few less responsibilities, until then I don't have a lot of time to play, and the free time I do have I rather spend doing other things.

3. RO is not a very friendly game to casual players. :x

4. I'm a prideful hoe who couldn't suck it up an join a big guild because I kind of hated the other guilds for one of three reasons.
A. The leaders
B. Certain people far too much to want to deal with them
C. How the guild is ran


hahaha yeah i know how you feel...

i guess after 2 years for me and 1.5 for my friends, the experience has kinda reached a plateau...
but we still grind for BBs for that seemingly never-coming promise of an MVP card that will help us reach a somewhat higher plateau...

and yes, it took me about a year before i finally got a trans, but i still think as a casual player i'm doing quite fine...

my wife loves doing the repeatable quests, especially making money out of haircut coupons -- she's the most stable supplier of them for our server it seems... she kinda hates how the hatter doesn't give us anything good anymore, but i keep urging her to keep doing the quest...

and yeah, i guess i understand how you feel about the guilds...
i was kinda lucky i guess, more indonesians started popping up the last 6 months, so at least it gave me and my wife some more reasons to stick around to help them and whatnot...

all in all, i think what makes ppl stay is that promise of friendship and casual talk and some odd dungeon runs once in a while... and the crooked hat really makes it fun too, at least ppl can get together and get their donkey whipped being the noobs they are hahahah
it's a good thing too, to be able to try out mvps in a controlled environment, at least a taster before they get to see how disastrous it can be out there /heh;

anyway, i really wonder how long the server can last...  i mean correct me if i'm wrong, but RO is probably the longest-lasting MMORPG out there... would be fun to see it outlive officials... hope it never goes down... <3 Panda for that




LOL Aaron those were some funny screens, here's one just for you! (Noble character get an event thrown for them on their birthday)

Another birthday party


Novice Event

Line up (after our monthly big event, please note the character called "Zeel" is not the Zeel that was banned multiple times here on RMS XD)

Thanatos Tower

Me about to be squached by Skoll, I wasn't the one running that event so I got to participate on my legit.

Players showcasing their hatter quest hats.

A recent WoE

Snowy cities

A weird graphical glitch

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AnthemRO SS.

Afro. 8)

Halloween. :3


Restarting from scratch for the fun of it.

War of Emperium.
Super Smash Brothers 64!


Year anniversary! Kinda. Anyway, bumping this >:

Hunting Sharp Leaves on AethaRO:

Seal Mission:

Proud of my Binou:

Went from 17M:

To 246M, on Taekwon, in ~2.5 weeks:

Got bored of AethaRO, so I took advantage of UtopiaRO's Easter Rates event:

Dear Player,

I still have that hat you gave me - about a year later!

Sincerely, Lune:

New friends, new adventures... and balloons! :D

Happy birthday uRO!


Battle grounds on Lumina:

It was a really intense match!


Super Smash Brothers 64!

Sage Crowley

This one's from an event back on the old Eos roleplaying server before it went down in '09.


It wasn't until years later that someone told me Charlton Heston actually said maniacs, not murderers.


Nice "Payon" there.  So red and evil.


so here is my screenie from Intense. I went for the Ash Vacuum Quests and I bumped to this thing. soo shiny and glowing

the mere fact that I went to Ash Vacuum with a lvl 93 Super Baby. /heh

and this next screenie is like me and my friends are in a mafia mission. lol we are leeching at Abbey 3


Love Me

A Random (Events, WoE, PVP, Etc...) images from aeRO Mayaan Server of aeRO Gaming Artificial Entertainment.

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Random screenies, GO!

Power Rangers YEAH!
(don't worry that one of these sprites is not like the others and for some reason we have the Cuban Ranger [thanks Cubano!]...)

I also thoroughly enjoy randomly dressing up like other people in pront and then sitting next to them while they are afk so that when they come back they are like WTF!??

This was one of my favorites, where we got a screenie after he came back.

Random Zombie event... final round... NOVICE SLAUGHTER!

The ongoing battle with my partner in crime. I actually have the @nuke command with his name macro'd.

He's either getting me back or he's got other plans.... qq


My very cute super novice!! T_T Whenever I see her, I wanna squish her. T_T

Uploaded with
I'm the one riding the poring!! :D