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PK on or off?

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mmm. really solid points. Im at the assumption that every server out there that has tried PK hasn't really looked at the spread of how to keep it fun and viable, but also keeping greifing lowbies or even in general to a bare minimum. PK is fun and it just sucks that a lot of people are stuck in a bubble that ro pservers can only do this thing or that thing. never both. not blaming anyone on this thread just in general.

Open world PK is the really the best way to play. You have to find a server that has a balance and arcade style play to appreciate open world PK. If the players take the PK side too personally they will obviously look to play PVE. That's why it's important try new styles and not limit your experiences to PVE. In my opinion more experienced players enjoy open PK.

I actually think the idea of Player Killing is something that should be rewarded, remember nightmare mode?? I also think that the idea, that you should have the option or obligation to do Player Killing as, something that can be either something that occurs because of the location, or something that is occurring because of condition's being fulfilled, it is actually kind of funny when a knight is inside the entrance of ant hell using "spiral pierce" on anything that enters into the map


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