Farming for raw zenny

Started by simisterkel, Jun 10, 2023, 11:55 AM

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Hi im playing on a server with a x10 droprate and x15 on weekends. I want to know where I could farm for raw zenny and with what character. Except mavkas, gefenia and peach trees. Those are crowded. Im currently farming in juperos 1 with my bb knight. But its kind of a struggle coz i need assumptio to survive. So im constantly going back and forth after assump expires.


I always end up farming zeny in these places:

- Desert wolves: BB knight is optimal here, you can mob as much as you want since you get a lot of healing items too. Sell stilettos/jurs (and you get rough oris too!)

- Magma 2: You need a GC crusader here. Etcs are really expensive. Earth deleter card is really expensive in most servers.

- Hillwinds: Use a hunter here, with a good bow to 1 shot them with DS. They give around 1,2k zeny per kill.


fruit mix in anthell is a pretty broken strat but it largely depends on the drop rate multiplier for card item drops


Ocrs dun 02 is a good spot cuz it's mobby as hell there and decent loot.