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One New Screenshot every saturday, No Words or Answers.

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oh, so you are the one spamming reddit with those no words/answers pics

Very interesting how "one post per week" is considered a spam. Specially in a community that barely has a topic per week.

Regardless, project is very public now, thanks :)

Long time no see RMS? It's time to Return to Morroc /lv

Against all odds, Return to Morroc is entering Open Beta soon. We are nearing the end of the development cycle.

Return to Morroc aims to fully remake the game experience, bringing modern progression elements to Rune-Midgard, all with a very varied amount of jobs, items, builds, challenges and under a "Casual time investment, hardcore gameplay time" approach.

Warning: Not for those who expect just a bit more of the same old RO experience. This is for those fans who want a new twist while sticking to the lore and world we all love and know.

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