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One New Screenshot every saturday, No Words or Answers.

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--- Quote from: yC on Jul 04, 2022, 02:04 am ---So this is going the way of an advertisement in disguise? (You do not need to answer this, we will decide as things unfold.)
At the beginning I was expecting screenshots from different servers or screenshots of casual RO lifestyle stuff.
NOT from an unreleased server that is trying to drive attention. 

I am afraid the day the name / link / info of the server is posted, it will be the day I move this to the junk yard for the reason above.

--- End quote ---

There won't be a server link/post, not here. It will eventually just be posted on the usual area of the server.

The idea is to actually drive curiosity and gauge how the community feels about a literal, full custom server, one bit at a time.

You're free to move the post. In my opinion, you also deserved an answer regarding this.

So, not an AD, just random screenshots with small "hey, what is that on the chat? who is that npc?" and such.

Like the kafra screenshot, where it references a "dead" npc from Kiel Hyre Quest.

The server will be launched eventually. But ADs for it (if any) will be literal ADs.

Alright, just giving a fair warning.  Keep up the good work.

Week 5

Every week a new screenshot and no words :)

How many custom classes are you planning to have?

All classes are 100% done and currently in closed testing for balance

-the original classes have all been removed.
-there is a thief assassin/rogue tree, but its heavily changed.
-merchant job is limited to vending and restricted.
-total job count is 31.  15 of those are final forms and fit for max level.
-there are 4 Unchained classes. These classes instead of evolving are a stronger form of a base class with new passives.
-there are 2 Expert Classes, they require a high player skill to use peoperly and preparation. Both already revealed. They evolve from the first job and are a class used from lv 20 all the way to max lvl.
-there is a class that is fully focused on auto attacks, with many passive bonuses and virtually no active skills.
-there is a scythe wielding class, the class focuses on life steal and critical damage skills. It's already 100% done. Including sprites

I'll do a class breakdown reveal on saturday :), no promises how much will be shown.


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